ECE352 Embedded Microcontroller Systems


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Contact Information
Professor James Hedrick
Steinmetz 206
ECE Department
Phone: (518) 388-8027

Course Introduction
This course builds on the introductory material of ECE118. Students are already familiar with the fundamental
principles and devices used in digital logic. This course introduces microcontrollers and focuses on the
8051 microcontroller which is one of the most widely used today. The students are introduced to programming
in both assembly and C. Important subsystems of the microcontroller are covered such as timers, interrupts,
serial transmission of data, analog to digital and digital to analog converters. There are a series of exercises
woven into the lectures and labs which give students hands-on experience with working with an 8051
microcontroller. At the end of the course, each student will choose a design project to work on during
the last few weeks.

Lecture Hours and Location
Location: NWSE 106
Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-10:45
Wednesday 1:50 – 4:40

Topics by week (this is approximate and will change)


Topics Covered

Lecture/Lab Exercises  

Powerpoint and Text References  



Introduction to 8051 Board and IDE Overview



  • Basic components

  • Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

  • Applications

  • The 8051 family of microcontrollers

  • Block diagram, memory

  • Internal registers

  • Parallel I/O ports

  • System clock

  • Serial port

  • Timers

  • Interrupts

Data Transfer, SFRs and RAM

  • Data transfer instructions

  • Address modes



Stacks and Bit Operations (I/O)

  • Stack operations

  • Bit moves

  • Crossbar and I/O

Program Flow




  • Interrupts

C8051F020 Features - xRAM

C8051F020 Features - Timers

  • 7 Segment Display

  • Interfacing to a keypad

  • Serial Communications

  • Serial LCD


  Midterm Exam














Course Wrap-Up


Project Presentations and Demo

Prepare for final exam


Useful 8051 Links

SiLabs Data Sheet (pdf) (This is the datasheet for the 8051 board which we will use.) (A website with lots of information on the 8051/2 which are closely related.

C Cheat Sheet

C Reference Sheet

Spring 2014